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sweet escape cake company
custom order policies & disclaimers

Please read the following SECC Policies/Disclaimers. It contains very important information concerning your quote and your order. We have been booked up every week for more than 2 years. Each week we turn down or cancel multiple orders, many of which could be resolved by reading the information below. You and your order are very important to us, but our process is how we ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

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All orders are booked online. All Orders Are Booked Online. (that is not a typo – it is that important)


We DO NOT take phone orders or discuss orders over the phone. If you feel your order requires more attention, please schedule a consult/tasting via our website. Book Wedding Cake tasting or Book Special Occassion Tasting


The staff members who answer the phone are not decorators or bakers and do not have access to your order.



Upon acceptance of the quote, we will generate an invoice and email it to you to be paid online. We cannot generate an invoice without flavors, fillings, and wording if applicable. Once an invoice is sent, it is good/valid for 24 hours (with the only exception being orders due in 7 days or less). Any unpaid invoice is subject to cancellation. Please check your spam folders as 99.9% of the time this is the reason why you haven't received your quote. 



Custom cookies and cake pops have a 2 dozen minimum order as a stand-alone product.



A paid invoice guarantees your order for the date listed on the invoice. 



Your pickup time is listed on your invoice. Please review and verify and then triple check before paying your invoice that this time will work with when you need for your occasion. 

We are not open on Sunday. If you submit a request for Sunday, your order will be quoted for Saturday pick up 9am to Noon. We close promptly at Noon. In rare instances, we can accommodate a later pick up, but a fee is applied to cover the cost for the staff member staying over. If you request a Monday order, all orders are 1-3PM pick up on Monday.

accuracy of invoice


When you receive your invoice, please look it over (before paying) for accuracy of color, spelling of names and order details.

Very, very important!


Your pickup time is also listed on your invoice--verify this will work with your occasion start time.


Once you are booked and paid, changes or moving the date is not permitted. At times, we can accommodate for an additional fee. Any changes to your order after the invoice has been paid will incur an additional fee of at least $10. This includes but is not limited to changing pick up day and time.

accuracy of order at pick-up


Please inspect your order upon pick-up to ensure the cake matches the invoice. We run a very low error rate and in the unfortunate event something is incorrect, most of the time we can correct it in a few minutes. An error on our part will not be discussed or compensated once it leaves our bakery.

cake transportation & care

Cakes need to travel on a flat surface in your vehicle. They should be taken to their destination immediately. Please keep your air conditioner turned on high even on milder days. Orders should Never be left in a vehicle (hot car) or in direct sunlight. Orders are not required to be refrigerated, but it is suggested (if possible) until a few hours before you plan to serve. As previously stated, we have very few cake issues! Generally, when those issues do arise, someone has sent their teenager or husband (for the record, this is a man who typed this!) who have picked up and shown little regard for the custom cake order. Your custom order is a piece of art and should be treated that way. The greatest number of issues occur when sweets are left in a hot car while someone makes a quick stop on the way home!

Indianapolis Buttercream Wedding Cake

We are a small part of thousands of special days and events annually

and we absolutely love it!


Our top priority is to provide a great product that looks and tastes amazing!

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